An Open Letter to Senior Parents on College Decisions

Dear 12th Grade Parents,

We urge you to read this letter. It is not short, but it is important.

This letter is about your children’s college decisions. This is not in any way meant to promote our business

This is a week that will cause many emotions. It is the culmination of four years of hard work. As parents, here are a few things we urge you to remember:

It is not personal

Admissions officers have an unenviable task. Many at the top institutions will say that they reject hundreds of perfectly qualified and deserving applicants every year.

We know it is painful to watch your child deal with disappointment. For many, a “deny” shatters confidence.

This is not a time to be angry. Let your child process their emotions. Remind them it’s not personal. It’s competitive. It’s tough. And most importantly, no matter where they go to college, if they work hard and stay true to themselves, they will find happiness and success.

How to handle a waitlist:

If your child is waitlisted, there are a few steps to take beyond any instructions the college provides in the waitlist decision letter.

Write a letter to your regional admissions officer. Thank them for their continued consideration of your application. Reiterate that their school is your first choice college and you would attend if accepted. Update them on any recent significant achievements in and out of the classroom.

Have your guidance counselor advocate for you. Speak with them about reaching out to the college to fight for you.

Decisions on waitlisted students will most likely not be made until after May 1; prepare to have a deposit into another college while you are still waiting.

Pick the “best fit” college for your child (and family)

It is a lot different revisiting a school as an accepted student. There is a fresh mentality – and sometimes honors colleges and merit money.

The highest ranked school where your child is accepted may be the perfect fit for them. It also may not. Urge your child to think about where they will thrive academically, personally, and socially. Your child’s happiness is so important as they transition into college.

Once you pick your college, notify everywhere else you applied

This is SO important. There are students anxious on waitlists. Once you make your decision on where to go, contact the other colleges where your student received acceptances and inform them of your decision. It is not fair to waitlisted students to hold a spot you will never use.

Also remember that you have until May 1st to make a final decision. Do not feel pressured to make a decision before that deadline if you are not ready.


Eric, Karan, and Jim


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