End of Year Goals

With the holiday season in full swing, it is easy to get caught up in celebrations and end-of-year obligations. Here is what high school students need to remember as the calendar year draws to a close.

Keep on studying! 

What comes right after winter vacation? MIDTERMS! (And for some school districts, first semester finals.)

It will be tempting to totally disconnect from school during the winter break, but students should take time to review class notes. There is no reason to get rusty before some of the most important tests of the year.

Remember, grades are the most important facet of the college application. Keep up the great work!

Evaluate (or Reevaluate) SATs and ACTs

For sophomores and juniors who have not yet taken the SAT or ACT, winter break is an ideal time to take diagnostics to determine the best test for your student.

If you are interested in FREE diagnostics that we will grade and evaluate at no extra cost, click here to submit your request.

If your junior took the test earlier in the fall and earned the score they wanted, then no need to think about these tests any longer!

If they want to score a little bit higher, consider retaking the test. Many schools will superscore – not only the SAT, but also the ACT. Click here to view ACT superscore schools (list valid for 2015 admissions cycle – call schools with any specific questions).

Think about college visits

There are some great long weekends and vacations coming up in the late winter and spring for college tours. Your students may not be in school, but college kids will be on campus!

Plan ahead. Book campus tours and information sessions sooner than later by going onto admissions office websites (They tend to book up during high school breaks).

If you’re not sure where to visit, we can help you generate a college list. For $60, we can send you a questionnaire and send you back a college list. Click here to email us your request.

What about the SAT Subject Tests

What AP courses is your student taking this year? Generally, taking the corresponding SAT Subject Test in May (when they will already be taking AP tests) is a good plan.

Most colleges do not require these subject tests but many recommend them. When they are not required, they – much like AP tests – are brownie points on an application.

Click here for subject test policies for colleges (again, valid for 2015 admissions cycle).


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